This applies to, Juliet balconies, wall railings and iron fencing as well as patio railings and gates

Pricing plain panels is easy, but once you get into different designs it become a little more complicate. The simple solution is to price each fancy bar as an individual item, then it is just a case of working out what is needed in panel and adding them to the price

Below are single item bars, single items can only be used in railings less than 500mm high frame size, but can be used in much taller.

Twists are usually around 300mm tall, but can be as small as 100mm, so possible to have two twists in a 400mm tall panel.Circle is 100mm diameter, to get 2 circles in a bar the minimum height would need to be 450mmCages are 150mm tall, minimum height for 2 cages would be 450mmThese scrolls are 100mm tall, so minimum height for two would beScroll need to be 250mm tall minimum or they look Squashed. so minimum height for two will be 500mmCollars are 70mm tall, allowing for spacing between two collars. ideal minimum height would be 350mm
This is the additional cost, if removing a plain bar and replacing with one of the above

This would be classed as a double item, and as such would be 2 of the above so in this examples case 2 x £3.00 = £6.00. These work best on 500mm upwards for the frame height.

A triple item is 3 x times, so using 3 circle in one upright would be a triple item. On the 3 X items if you choose a circle at bottom a twist in the middle and a circle at the top then just add each individual item up.

Of course the ultimate answer is to ask and i am happy to give a price, but i do want people to be able to work out a price for themselves if need. but sadly it is not as simplistic as i would like