Wrought iron estate gate

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Last updated: 16 February 2012.

Wrought iron estate gates, perhaps a little over bearing a name, makes you imagine this type of gate being on some long driveway leading up to some country mansion. The name has stuck and has come to mean nothing more than tall driveway gates.

This type of gate has become more popular over the years due to their excellent security because of their height. At around 5ft tall or more this makes them difficult to climb over than driveway gates.

Below a few previous examples, we have made.

estate gates in hampshire Wrought iron estate gate in Hampshire. With raised centre and double mid bar for increased strength for gate automation. Painted black with railing heads painted gold. Hinges are fixed to a steel beam, which the brick piers were then built around and filled with concrete. By far the best way and certainly the longest lasting.
estate gates in Surrey

Not sure if you would class these estate gates as a modern design or a traditional one. Similar in many ways to a traditional five bar gate but with a modern twist. These were made to the clients design in guildford, surrey. Using 200mm square steel posts.

Connectors for electric rams were welded onto gates and post, the electrical connection will be done by the client who is anĀ electrical contractor.

estate gates in West Sussex Wrought iron estate gates in West Sussex, with dip on both leaves. Half circles in bottom section making a very heavy and solid set of metal entrance gates.
As so often with estate type gates the railing heads have been painted gold to enhance the look.
estate gates in West Sussex

Large entrance gates in west Sussex, built using traditional type hinges with socket of floor and top hinge fixed to the wall. Still the best form of hinges due to the way the load is spread between wall and floor.

Raised on sides and height reduced in middle, with gold painted railing heads.

estate gates in West Sussex Heavy weight wrought iron estate gates with 3 hinges on each side due to shear weight of gates. C scrolls used for a double band through middle of gate and over top curve. This one is fitted with a lock for added security.
estate gates in West Sussex Large metal entrance gates built to work with under ground automation. Curved raised tops with gold painted railing heads. Increasing property security from unauthorized access.
estate gates in Surrey A good example of an uneven opening split, this pair of gates were made for Mid surrey mencap. Being the only access to the building the majority of access would be pedestrian and only the very occasional vehicle access.
estate gates in Surrey Wrought iron estate gates with raised centre and double mid bar with circles used to in fill the mid bar and around the top curve. With gold coloured railing heads and circles, for a very visual effect.