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Last updated: 06 January 2014.

wrought iron gate design sg9b1Design SG9B1

Simple design wrought iron gate.

Manufactured using 30mm x 10mm frame with 12mm round solid upright bars. Supplied with adjustable hinges

Bar spacings at maximum of 100mm gaps, fully justified so that all gaps are even


Size in

size in
30 inches 760mm £65.00
33 inches 840mm £68.00
36 inches 915mm £71.00
39inches 990mm £74.00
42inches 1070mm £77.00
45inches 1140mm £80.00
48inches 1220mm £83.00

Gates are supplied black primed, they can be supplied painted in various colours for an additional charge of £20.00

Prices are as a guide only all wrought iron gates are made individually to suit the gap size, the number of upright bars will vary according to size. If you require reduced gapping between bars to keep small dogs in please ask


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