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Last updated: 04 March 2016.

All made using solid steel, 40mm convex hand rail for top bar, bottom bar from 40mm x 10mm flat, upright bars from 12mm square. End upright posts from 20mm square solid not hollow. We believe making from any thing less isnt strong enough to serve the purpose the balcony was designed for.

size Cost supplied primed painted add  
1200mm £180.00 £20.00  
1300mm £192.00 £20.00  
1400mm £204.00 £20.00  
1500mm £216.00 £25.00  
1600mm £228.00 £25.00  
1700mm £240.00 £25.00  
1800mm £252.00 £30.00  
1900mm £264.00 £30.00  
2000mm £272.00 £30.00  
2100mm £284.00 £35.00  
2200mm £296.00 £35.00  
2300mm £308.00 £35.00  
2400mm £320.00 £40.00  
2500mm £332.00 £40.00  
2600mm £344.00 £40.00  
2700mm £356.00 £45.00  
2800mm £368.00 £45.00  
2900mm £380.00 £45.00  
3000mm £392.00 £50.00  

Colour choices can be found here

Important: When fixing to brick work a juliet balcony should be a minimum of 250mm larger than the door size to allow for good fixings. Balconies fixed to a tile hung "wall" should be fixed into the structural timbers, this is normally about 70mm larger than the door size. Tile hung fixings require an additional bracket. At a cost of £25.00