Juliet balconies

Juliet balconies

A Juliet balcony simply covers a set of inward open doors above ground floor, to stop you falling out. Fixing is ultimately important, if fixing to a brick built house then the balcony should be 300mm wider than the door frame size. This allows for a good solid fixing with risk of cracking the brick, which can occur if drilled to close to the edge.

So if the door width is 1200mm you should be looking at a balcony that is 1500mm wide

Tile hung balconies require a different type of fixing, simply because you can not just bolt through the tiles.

When a set of doors is fitted it should have been fitted to a structural timber, this will have been put in place to fix the doors to. Fixing a plate to the structural timbers with lug that protrude beyond the tiles when they are rehung, allows the balcony to be bolted to the lugs

Just noticeable here, that the balcony is bolted to the lug sticking out of the tiles. The tiles can be neatly cut around the lug and sealed to make water proof and you have a good strong fixing for the balcony.

Its often the case that the brackets are made and fitted first and the balcony is made later, once the brackets are in place, you then have an exact size for the balcony to be made to.

Balconies need to comply with building regulations and as such should be 1100mm high, and not gap wider than 100mm.

The possibilities in terms of designs is most certainly in the thousands, consideration needs to be taken into account of how much the finish balcony will weigh, so as not to over load the fixing points. Black is obviously the most common colour but with Anthracite doors now being a popular colour, Anthracite coloured balconies are now quite common place.