Wrought iron rose arches, obelisks and window boxes

We use garden planters as a very loose term to encompass such things as rose arches, obelisks, hanging baskets and window boxes, hanging basket brackets etc. One of the great things about having a rose arch or obelisk handcrafted is that it can be made to suit the environment it is to be situated in. Rather than the mass produced products which are made to set sizes and set designs. Window boxes can be made to suit the size of the window that they are to hang under.

Rose arch, built to utilise existing wooden uprights in horsham

Wrought iron Rose tunnel in Horsham, West Sussex made to fit on top of existing wooden upright posts. Making a nice mix of wrought iron and wood, with metal upper section and wooden lower.

Old stone cottage farm, Pease pottage,Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9BE
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Custom made bespoke metal and steel work, in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and London