Wrought iron railings and fencing

Wrought iron railings,

often a very broad term, used to encompass, such things as stair railings, hand rails, balustrades, balconies, even wrought iron fencing and of course garden wall railings. Balconies, stair railings and balustrades are usually subject to building regulations and as such it is important, that any designs meet the current building regulations. Wrought iron railings arent subject to any building regulation, but care should be taken to avoid having pointed decorative railing heads on a low wall railing

A well made and designed wrought iron railing or wrought iron fence can enhance the look of any property, as well as providing better security.

wrought iron railings in tunbridge wellswrought iron railings kent to building regulations

These wrought iron railings in Tunbridge wells, guard against a fall to the ground below. They are essentially a very plain wrought iron style railing built to building regulations for a pub. Each railing section is bolted to the next via a steel post which is bolted to the brickwork. A simple design which is essentially very simple to fit

Wrought iron railings in woldingham, Surrey. Wrought iron railings bowbar railings Surrey. metal railings Surrey.

Bow bar railings or spanish bow as they are sometimes called made to follow the curve of a patio area. Posts are curved to the same shape as the railings, posts are from 40 mm square solid bar, giving a solid post with crisp edges. Below the paved patio is a concrete base to which the posts are bolted. the paving was then cut around the steel post, making the post fixing invisible. Each fencing section is welded to the next

Wrought iron railings wall mounted in Redhill, Surrey. Wrought iron railings and posts in Redhill, Surrey.

Metal wall railings with steel posts, used in place of brick piers on a flat wall. Each section curves / dips down to give something different from the normal style flat railings. Posts are bolt to brick work, via a steel fixing plate.

wrought iron railing for stairs in surrey, epsom, fitted to wooden stair case wrought iron railing for stairs in surrey, epsom, fitted to wooden stair case wrought iron railing for stairs in surrey, epsom, fitted to wooden stair case

A set of wrought iron stair rails, made to fit a refurbished wooden stair case in Epsom, Surrey. The wood and the Steel compliment each other. The upright bars are twisted one full twist over the length, give a nice soft lazy twist. The handrail is made from a D shaped bar, to give a natural feel to the banister.

All metal and steel ornamental balustrades,wrought iron railings and fencing we craft are made to order to customer specification and design, be it a modern or a victorian railing design. They can be made for exterior or interior use. We can also make security grills for windows and doors.

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