Measuring for wrought ironwork

Railing measurement Measure the height from the wall to the top of the pier and then measure from pier to pier. If multiple railings its usually worth sketching it out on a bit of paper then using a mobile phone take a picture of the sketch and email it over. sloop measurements, we use a […]

Getting a quote for railings or gates

Getting a quote is relatively easy, we just need some rough measurements. For the purpose of quoting they don’t need to accurate. ideally if accompanied by a photo of where the gates or railings are going, that helps, as it allows us to see if the are likely to be issues. A height and width […]

Jigged or hand made railings?

A simple question but what does it actually mean? Standard railings Lets start with the jigged one. Effectively the railing parts will be held in a “mold” or jig to hold the parts in place, whilst they are being welded. The jig will only allow the production with some serious limitations, much will depend on […]