Getting a quote for railings or gates

Getting a quote for railings or gates

Getting a quote is relatively easy, we just need some rough measurements. For the purpose of quoting they don’t need to accurate.

ideally if accompanied by a photo of where the gates or railings are going, that helps, as it allows us to see if the are likely to be issues. A height and width is usually enough,

An email containing something like this, is usually enough, details to provide a basic quote

we do need to know if the railing is straight, which the vast majority are. On occasions they will be curved to follow the profile of a wall, so we would need this information to provide an accurate quote. This is where a photo comes into its own as it can provide that additional information.

Although we don’t charge for coming to site within the local area to measure, the time taken would be added to the price of any railing or gates. Prices provided online are purely based on the time to make the railings or gate, with no allowance made for a site visit.

I feel it is only fair to be very honest on that part, as most online providers just sell what you order

On custom made work where the railing follows a curve or a sloop, chances are a site visit may be needed as its more difficult to get accurate measurement. But we do have some tips on gaining accurate measurements. which can be found here at measuring for wrought iron