Here we will give some accurate definitions for commonly used terminology.

Wrought iron:  Originally a type of iron used to make gates and railings, but for modern day purposes it refers to decorative steel work. Wrought iron is no longer available in commercial quantities all modern day work is made from mild steel

Galvanizing: This involves the steel work being dipped in a vat of molten zinc (a few preparatory process have to be completed prior to the dipping), which coats the steel work . Zinc oxidizes at much slower rate than steel and hence provides a protect barrier against rust. After Galvanizing it can be painted, but requires a special acid wash to ensure the paint will fully adhere to the surface.

Powder coating: ¬†Effectively the steel work is sprayed with a plastic powder which is then heated in order to melt and provide a smooth coating over the steel work. Unlike paint the process is quick as once cool it can be packaged and delivered. It also doesn’t require the multiple coating and drying times that is required with paint.