Wrought iron estate gates

More examples of Wrought iron estate gates or grand entrance gates

Modern design grand entrance gates in Guildford, made from heavy hollow section steel. With steel circles and heavy adjustable block hinges. Hung from large 8 inch square steel posts. All fittings for electrical operators were fixed prior to painting, to ensure a quality finish. As opposed welding fittings onto an already painted gates, which damages the paintwork. The electrical connection will be done by the client who is an electrical contractor.

Good example of an uneven split pair of estate gates for mencap in leatherhead, Surrey. What was needed was a pedestrian gate for constant use and a large gate for the occasional car use. The opening width didnt allow for a seperate pedestrian gate, the obvious answer was to have an uneven split or opening in the gates. Thus allowing the smaller part of the gate for constant use and the larger part for motor access.

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