Short garden wall railings

These garden wall railings designs below are for heights of up to to 600mm, see tall wall railings for higher.. Each garden wall railing is made to measure to ensure a high quality fit, with wall brackets having a slight adjustment to size. As with all our garden wall railings in this range they can be made to fit curved or shaped walls. All railings come with choice of railing heads, and options for 12mm, 16mm, 20mm round or square upright bars. to suit your needs and your budget.

Examples where garden wall railings have been made to fit a curve or the shape of the wall. This is possible with most designs

All are made to custom size, but charged at a per ft rate. So no hidden charges for odd size railings. To make each railing more identifiable we have named each after local towns, a name is better than a design number.

Simple railing, highly customizable. made to measure, prices from £100

Plain railing, with scroll top as decoration, prices from £90

Railing with decorative railing heads and a scroll pattern infil. Prices from £120

Ring pattern with decorative railing heads, Prices from £110

Twisted bar and cage design, Prices from £130

Twisted bar and circle design using square upright bars

Click to enlarge images for a more detailed view.

Basic flat ladder style railing with railing heads, choice of rail head designs.

Arch top railing with flat shoulders

Arch top railing with no shoulders

Dip down railing with flat shoulders

Above 4 basic shapes for railing designs. From here onwards all are drawn as flat ladder type with possible pattern designs.. most of the designs below can be made with arch or dip tops.

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