Wrought iron railings

The term wrought iron railings is often a very broad term, used to encompass, such things as stair railings, hand rails, balustrades, balcony railings. Even wrought iron fencing, metal garden wall railings and patio railings. Many share common designs, with those that have hand contact, hand railings, patio railings having a contoured bar for the top rail for a more ergonomic feel. Wail railings, fencing etc having a decorative top.

Garden wall railings

Metal garden wall railing with curved top

Prices For designs up to 700mm high

Metal Wall railings a popular fitment to a wall project. These are usually quite short, often under two foot high, but not always the case. Usually bolted between brick piers, but can have steel posts if on a flat wall with no brick piers present. Can be made to follow a contoured wall or a curved wall.

Prices For designs above 700mm tall

Metal fencing

Wrought iron fencing are basically tall wall railings but without a wall or brick piers to fix them to. Instead a steel post concreted in the ground, to hold and connects each panel. Usually wall railings are flat, but often the case for Metal fencing to be on a slope. Some useful info here if the area is sloped.
Fencing and tall garden wall railing share the same designs.

Wrought iron fencing with posts

Patio railings

Patio railings on raised patio area

Patio railings, designed to guard against falling off a raised patio. Usually required to comply with building regulation and thus need to be 1100mm tall. Post are either bolted down through the patio. Or concreted in during construction with railings fitted once patio is complete. Designs can be plain and functional or have detail to them.

Balconies, stair railings and balustrades often are subject to building regulations and as such it is important, that any metal railings design meet the current building regulations where applicable.
Wrought iron railings are not subject to any building regulation, but care should be taken to avoid having pointed decorative railing heads on a low wall railing. A blunt type railing head should be used on low wall railings

A well made and designed wrought iron railing or wrought iron fence can enhance the look of any property, as well as providing better security.

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