Crawley garden wall railing

A simple metal garden wall railing. Ideal as a cost effective solution for placement between brick piers. Decorative scrolls for the top decoration, although this can be made so that the railing is completely plain flat garden wall railing. With round upright bars of 12mm and flat bars from 30mm x 8mm flat. This makes this wrought iron wall railing a good solid built to last railing, but cost effective.

Can be made as a plain railing with flat top and no scroll decoration if required.

Material specifications

Frames from 30mm x 8mm flat
Uprights from 12mm round
Scrolls from 12mm x 3mm flat

All supplied with adjustable fittings allowing +/- 10mm

These have a bar centre spacing of 102mm (4 inches),, this makes this perfect spacings for sizes 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft long. They can be be made other size, but spacings of the end bars might not be the same. See bar spacings for more details. There is no extra charge for odd sizes, they are just charged as a per foot charge. They can be made to any height and charged at a per height price. A 350mm high rail would be charged mid way between the 300mm and 400mm. a 6ft 6 inch railing would be charged at mid way between 6ft and 7ft long.

Please note this is ladder height, they are usually hung 40mm above the wall, the scroll is 100mm tall. So a 300mm wrought iron railing when hung would be 440mm to the top of the scroll., its quite normal for the scroll to be above the brick pier height. I will help you make sure you have the right size.

3ft long4ft long5ft long6ft long7ft long8ft long
300mm tall£70£85£100£115£135£155
400mm tall£75£92£109£126£143£160
500mm tall£80£100£120£140£170£190
600mm tall£85£110£135£160£185£220
700mm tall£90£120£150£180£220£260
Price is for painted in a semi gloss black, can be supplied unpainted at 10% reduction on price.

For railings larger than 8ft long a connection post would be required, at £30 per post

Email us or call us with you specific sizes and I can Email back with a price.

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