Wrought iron Garden gates

wrought iron garden gates designs, a selection of metal garden gate designs along with prices. The scrolled tops can be replaced with a choice railing heads., if requested. Depending on the type of railhead usually adds about £10.

Minimum material specification for metal garden gates. 30mm x 10mm frame, 12mm round or Square for uprights, Scrolls from 13mm x 5mm flat.
This is heavier than many found on the internet, these are designed to last.

Prices as a guide for around 3ft wide (900mm). These garden gates made to the size you request (Doesn’t usually make much difference to price if up to 6 inches wider, only really changes price if extra uprights are needed) Can be made up to 4ft tall 1200mm, depending on the design adds about £20.

For taller gates see Side gates Email us for your specific needs and we can mail back a price. All are supplied with adjustable fittings and wall plates, so they are ready to hang. Colour choice options available

Prices from £135

Prices from £156

Prices from £147

Prices from £162

Prices from £170

Below these wrought iron garden gates are better suited to keeping small dogs in as there are 7 bars, thus on a 3ft wide gate keeps the gap between bars at less than 90mm.

Prices from £145
prices from £157
prices from £171
prices from £180
Prices from £168

prices from £172

Prices from £173

Prices from £180

We can also make garden gates with house numbers in, a few examples below, numbers are usually 150mm high (6 inches) Can be a house name rather than a number.. This would then need 100mm letters instead of 150mm, ask for more details.

Prices from £195

Prices from £185

Prices from £191

Prices from £195

Prices from £180

prices from £200

Price from £200

Prices from £225

Prices from £215

Prices from £190

This is a very small selection of possibilities in terms of designs, these are here as possible ideas with guide prices for metal garden gate styles..

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