Driveway gates

A large collection of metal driveway gate designs .Designs inspiration and ideas for wrought iron Driveway gates. Modern designs and some more classical one. They are here, as idea of what is possible. A design gallery for metal driveway gates.. This is a work in progress, it takes a lot of time and effort and its getting done on free evenings that i have, so progress may not be that fast.

Now i realise that not everyone looking at this page is going to be buying from me as i only work locally to the Gatwick Airport area. And i am sure there will be the temptation to “borrow” a design and get it made by someone local to you.. That is almost impossible to stop, but for personal use i guess its not a big issue. Should you so wish to “borrow” a design drawing, please either give me a like on facebook, or give me a review on google, with the words borrowed a drawing.. At least then i know people appreciate the time i have spent making these drawings available.

Top decoration designs

The obvious start to any design for wrought iron driveway gates is the top decoration, lots of possible designs. Below is a small selection of what is possible . For these examples the physical pattern in the metal driveway gate is the same

Completely plain top with no decoration. Ideal if you like minimalism, or the gates are part of a railing system. Where the top bar would be from handrail

A pair of S scrolls, found on lots of designs on the internet perhaps because its very simple to and cost effective to do.

A slight variation on the simple scroll top, with a circle between each pair of scrolls. This again is an easy to make top decoration and a cost effective one.

A single scroll at each corner, so that when the gates are closed it form a pair.

A more complex top pattern, made from simple S scrolls.. Usually around 300mm tall. So will add a foot in height to any Driveway gate design

The same Complex scroll pattern but instead of one per gate, there is half on each leaf. So when closed it forms the full top decoration

Copying the single scroll on each corner of the gate but using the more complex decoration. Here the hanging and closing stile (upright bars of the frame) are extended so that the scroll pattern has something rigid to hold on to.

As above with the complex scroll decoration split between the two driveway gates but with a simple S scroll at the hanging stile.

Half circle split between the two gates. Circle usually around 300mm high

Half circle on each leaf of the driveway gates, with simple scroll at the hanging end

Half arch on each Driveway gate

Half arch with scroll at hanging and closing stile of the gate. As can be seen here it covers, the majority of the top of the gate. So isnt going to be suitable for narrow driveway gates.

Railing heads as a top decoration with extended hanging and closing stile to give a balanced look to the driveway gates. There are multiple possibilities on the design of the railing head that can be used.

This covers some possible designs for rectangular framed gates, but of course a gate frame doesnt need to be rectangular..

Flat driveway gate designs

Current design count is around 50. All can be inter changed with any of the top designs above so gives a possible number of 650 designs

With possibilities of top designs out of the way, now its time to get into the main design. of the upright bars on the driveway gates. All drawings are based on a 10ft wide pair of driveway gates. With bars spacing of 100mm between bars. Wider gates would require more bars to maintain gap width, which would mean the design needs tweaking to accommodate the extra bars. All it is possible to stretch the gaps If stretched to 12ft wide gaps between bars would increase to about 130mm between bars

Most simple of Driveway gate designs, cost effective and easy to make.

Just a pair of Scrolls in the centre of the gate. Adds some detail without being over powering.

S scroll on the hanging and closing stile of each gate, creating a pair when the driveway gates are closed