Crawley Driveway gates

Simple metal driveway gate, but at an economic price. This is ideal for providing security to a driveway, keeping pets or small children with in the Garden.. Spacings between upright bars is around 100mm, depending on size. Each set of metal driveway gates is supplied with wall fittings to bolt to a wooden post or brick pier. Should you require steel posts to hang them on we can supply those. Each pair of metal driveway gates comes with a drop bolt on one side a latch on the other. They are also supplied with adjustable fittings, to allow adjustment of +/- 40mm of the size.

Available in 3ft high only, to match garden gate.
Material specifications: for Metal driveway gates
Frame from 30mm x 8mm flat
Uprights from 12mm round
Scrolls from 12mm x 3mm

WidthPrice un paintedPrice painted
7ft wide£160£200
8ft wide£175£218
9ft wide£190£235
10ft wide£205£250
11ft wide£220£270
12ft wide£235£290
Hanging post each£60£65

Posts can be supplied if required due to weight of these metal driveway gates 80mm posts would be recommended, rather than the 60mm option on the Garden gate..

Because we don’t use a universal latch system found on the cheap DIY type gates. This means the metal driveway gates are “sided”, we would need to know which gate you would prefer as the primary (one that has the latch on), left or right and which one would be the secondary (has the drop bolt).

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