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This is where the magic is. After all we can all have the same as everyone else and it all looks the same. But what if you want something different. Than the same old designs found on the internet, well given time hopefully this part of the website will be the place to come. This is the work of one person, me and it takes time, lots of time. So progress will be slow and its all in my spare time. Whilst trying to make a living from making Gates, Railings etc, i am trying to spend as much of my spare time as i can post designs to this part of the website. Sadly there is a lot of reading to do, its not all just pretty pictures. But if you want something different, these pages should be a great guide.

Why am i doing it? Well i enjoy the design part of wrought iron work, and i have a lot of old CAD drawings on file that i have drawn over the years for customer. And the fact that i believe choice is a great thing. And it really isn’t that difficult to offer choice when working with steel. but i realise i have created myself a mountain of work to do, which isn’t going to earn me a penny.. This is in part why the website was switched to a wordpress site, to make the part of throwing it on a web page easier, rather than the previous hand coded pages. Making the mountain slightly smaller.

Its also a great place to put, some of the existing design pieces i have done in one place so the website has more sense to it.

Currently working on the following. Designs are being added and you are welcome to look. This is very much work in progress. It takes time, lots of time.

Pages available

Some of the pages might require some fine tuning may contain, the odd error. Or missings some info but essentially usable pages.

Bars specific information on the bar designs used in a lot of our juliet balcony and gate designs. Finished except for some tidying, very helpful if thinking on your own designs
—— Twisted bars from the bars page, specific details on twisted bars. Video required for full details but contains text info and drawings
—— Ring bars from the bars page, this gives more details on the ring bar used in some of our designs. Includes video
—— Scrolls brief explanation on scrolls, but requires video content to fully explain
—— Cages page currently unavailable, will be added soon

These pages are under construction. but do have info there but is currently incomplete. They will be update as soon as time allows.

Estate gates a collection of tall driveway gates
Wrought iron driveway gates a large deposit of metal driveway gate designs. SOme designs here but more to add
Side gates a deposit of designs. This refers to tall single gates 6ft tall. Some progress made. For garden gates, just cover the bottom half with you hand (a joke but sort of works as a side gate is twice as tall)

Holding page only.

This is for pages that exist but currently dont have any really useful content there.. So pages for the future. This is ultimately for my reference purpose only, so that i have a map of what is required.

Doesn’t exist yet but will.

Again this is for personal use, for pages i need to create. To give me an idea of what is missing.(If you have read this far down and havent got bored yet, and think i am missing something. then please email with what you think i am missing, always open to suggestions.)

Bars ——- cage bars
Garden gates
Estate gates
Juliet balconies
Wall railings
Patio railings

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