Railing frame design

A few notes on railing frame shapes

The most simple and common railing design,. Can be with railing heads as drawn or with scrolls as the top decoration, or just left plain. The basic “ladder” is quickest to make and thus the cheapest, simply because all bars are cut to the same size for the uprights.

Arched railing drawn with shoulders (flat either side of arch), can also be fully arched. How far it rises in the centre is personal preference. Full arch is more suited to, if multiple panels of the similar size. Simply because a short railing with a rise of 200mm will produce a more pronounced curve than a longer rail with a 200mm curve. The shouldered version is usually better if multiple panels of different sizes, because the curve can stay the same, and any adjustment can be made using longer or shorter shoulders.

Dipped railing, really the same as the arched except the curve comes down. Like the arched this is more difficult to make than the basic ladder. As each bar needs to be measured, to fit the curve. So no time saving using the saw stop

fully arched example with no shoulders
Flowing example of curve and shoulders
Arched with minimal shoulders
Dipped fencing panels

more images on wall railing gallery

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