Railing heads

With any gate or railing it often has a railing head as part of the decoration on the top. These are hot stamped, in other words a piece of metal is heated then stamped in a top and bottom die to produce the shape required. These are “bought” in parts, likely made in the far east but bought from a wholesaler here in the UK

Scrolls can be used as a top decoration, for gates instead of railing heads a few examples below, because we make the scrolls we have control over the size.

Although we have provide price guidance, on some designs, the choice of railing head will have an effect on the final price, due to the difference in cost

Common railing head type

A common railing head fleur de lye type, this is best suited to round upright bars. 3 sizes available to suit 12mm bar, 16mm bar and 20mm bar

A safety version of the fleur de lye railing head, a small ball stamped into the top rather than a point. Available to suit 12mm and 16mm bars

A common railing

Ball type rail head most suited to 16mm round

Ball type rail head with square base, suited to square bar

More details to be added,

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