.Information to be put here for Scrolls and the different types and how they work.

So what is a Scroll, for the purpose of most gates and railings its a flat piece of steel that has been rolled around a former, to make a spiral. Almost like a snail shell. Usually Scrolled at both ends.

Temp page as this really needs a video for full explanation, text content is never going to do it justice and give a real explaination..

The left two Scrolls are referred to as S scrolls. because they resemble the letter S and right two are C scroll for obvious reason. The left most scroll has a head and a tail. The head being the largest part and the tail being the smallest part. The second S scroll has two heads in other words both scrolled parts are the same size. The same applies for the C scroll.

The length of a scroll can be changed by using a long piece of metal, or by pulling it less around the former. Pulling it less around the former makes the end smaller. Pull it more around the former to make the scroll end larger shortens the length of the scroll. So its quite usually to have 3 or 4 goes at making a scroll. to get it to the right length. Starting again using a slightly shorter bar or longer bar to scroll depending on how its wrong

Once you have your desired size scroll you can then use it to form patterns, in any gate or railing. but you can “cluster” scrolls together to form a pattern

The left most is two S scroll set so that they form a larger S scroll. The right is from two C scrolls. Slight distortion in the picture. because i had to “stretch” these on the CAD drawing to make them the same size. but from this you can see they look the same but there is a subtle difference at the connection point.

This is difficult to explain without video. So for the future this page is ear marked to have video content to help explain fully what can be done with Scrolls

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