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Last updated: 10 March 2016.

A few things we believe are important to know about juliet balconies.

As a general rule a juliet balcony doesn't require planning permission, but we do suggest you check with your local authority planning department, telling them you wish to fit a juliet balcony. The majority of cases will be a short phone call where they confirm that planning consent for a juliet balcony isn't required, but always better to be safe.

Although planning may not be required, juliet balconies should still conform to building regulations. This means theyshould be a minimum of 1100mm high and a sphere of 100mm should not pass through any gap in the juliet balcony. Care must be taken in the design to ensure it is fully compliant, this is very relevant to bow bar juliet balconies and how the ends / corners are finished.

When fixing to brickwork, we suggest that juliet balconies should be a minimum of 300mm wider than the brick opening (150mm either side). This ensures that the juliet balcony has a good solid fixing, into the brickwork.Fixing to close to the edge increases the chances of cracking the bricks, and providing a poor fixing. After all the balcony is there to protect you or others from falling and its only as good as its fixings.

When fixing to a tile hung house, then the juliet balcony must be fixed to the structural timbers, this is normally the frame work that the doors were fixed to and will make the balcony fixing line about 75mm wider than the doors. This is only a guide and timber positions need to be confirmed. For tile hung fixing we provide a different method of fixing, so would need to be informed that the juliet balcony is being fixed to a tile hung house. A juilet balcony should never be bolted directly onto the tile face, it will result in an unsafe fixing.


One point of juliet balcony design, which should be noted certainly if children have access to the balcony. There should be nothing that allows children to climb the balcony. This means any thing they can gain a foot hold on, low horizontal bars or scrolls. This is an advisory an obviously where there are no young children around it isnt so much of an issue.


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