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Juliet balconies as a general rule do not require planning permission, more info can be found at the link below



Last updated: 15 March 2016.

Juliet balcony or Juliette balcony railings.

Depending how you wish to spell it, is a small balcony or balconette used on french type doors guarding against a fall. A juliet balcony only has a front and no sides, unlike roof balconies which are enclosed from all sides. Sometime refered to as a false balcony.

We are able to make wrought iron juliette balconies to the size you required, in a wide variety of designs all to building regulations. Individual commissions on juliet balconies are always welcome, if your have an idea in mind, contact us.

A few designs photographs from some of our previous work.

juliet balcony in redhill

A small wrought iron juliet balcony, in the Surrey area.
Constructed to the customers own design all to current building regulations.
This metal Juliette balcony fixings allows for suitability of windows either side of doors being lower than the required balcony regulation height. Side projecting decorative fixing brackets placed below the window line allow for solid fixings for this balconette.

juliet balcony Surrey extra pictures

juliet balcony in hampshire Wrought iron juliet balcony with bow bars, in Hampshire.
Bow bar Juliet balconies inherit a problem when it comes to the corners, over a straight juliette balcony, meaning they may not be compliant with building regulations, if not designed correctly. One method to solving this problem is the bars can be set so that they form an impressive flowing curved corner. Making sure there is no gap at the widest part which is more than 100mm.
juliet balcony with bowed bars in woldingham, aurrey Very similar in many ways to the previous steel juliet balcony with one main exception, on the corners. Instead a flowing corner, each bar reduces in the amount it bows until the corner bar is flat. An alternate method to keeping with building regulations when dealing with bow bar juliette balconies this solves the problem of bars being very close at the top and bottom, as in the previous picture. This metal juliet balcony was part of some major renovations carried out in Woldingham, Surrey.
juliet balcony in Sussex Juliet balcony with twisted uprights, double top rail in Horsham, West Sussex. Fixed on tile hung house, here the hanging brackets were fix to the structural uprights of the house and the tiles re-hung around the brackets, leaving just bolting points showing. The Juliette balcony was then bolted to the fixing brackets, leaving a neat clean finish. Allowing for a good solid fixing to support this juliet balcony.
decorative juliet balcony A highly decorative wrought iron style Juliet balcony made from twist bar and scroll work. Picture prior to cleaning up and painting, just in its raw welded form. Metal Juliet balconies can be as plain or as decorative as required.

A small selection of Juliet balcony designs have be added, and can be found here at juliet-balcony-designs-B1

Information we believe is relevant to balconies can be found here at our web page juliet-balcony-info

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