Wrought iron gates

Wrought iron gates

Wrought iron gates come in various form and sizes. Metal garden type gates usually around 3 or 4 feet high act as a garden barrier, to keep pets or children within the garden area, and as such are usually not really for security purposes but more for a pleasing look. Although a closed gate will deter people from unauthorised entry. Despite there small size the number of designs possible is not really limited.

Designs can be found here http://www.ironworks-crawley.co.uk/gate-designs/

Commonly referred to as drive way gate, these are of a similar height to garden gates. Can be as easily mounted to brick piers or steel posts. Ideal for providing limited security to a driveway. Designs can be simplistic and functional, or detailed and elaborate depending on requirement.

Side gates or alley way gate are taller, using in the 5 or 6 ft tall range and can provide good security if fitted with a lock, be that a padlock or a lock built into the gate. Because of there height it makes them more difficult to climb over. Despite being see through in some respects it can over better security than a wooden gate simply because any on up to no good can be seen, through the gate.

The possibilities on designs is incredibly varied, as quite often the gate is sort of split into two halves for design, with the bottom half being more infilled, and the top half being more open. In short its a Victorian cost saving method, with the bottom half having close gaps this would stop small animals from going in or out. The top have having a wider gap between bars saves material content.

These can as easily be mounted on brickwork or onto steel posts but weigh a lot more than their short counter parts and thus require larger section steel posts usually 100mm square, but a lot depends on material used and gate design, which ultimately has an effect on its weight

Estate gates as they are often call, are similar in height to side gates. Sharing much of their characteristics, again providing good security. These can be made to suit automation or are equally at home being hand operated. The majority of time they are hung on brick piers but can also be hung on steel posts.

Size of the post will depend on the opening and weight of the gate. Narrow entrances will quite often accept a 100mm square steel post but larger entrances require larger posts due to gate weight and a post of 200mm square is not unusual. Despite the cost of a steel post it is still vastly cheap than having brick piers built

We can design a gate to suit your needs, although quite often our customers have trawled the internet or just seen something they like, and we get sent a photo via email with a gate size and then ask to give a price.

Stock design will get added to the website soon, as time and work load allows, as with photos of previous work, to make choosing a design easier. It may be in the form of pages on the website or as a downloadable pdf