Why Cad drawings not Photos

If you have looked over the website, you might be wondering why nearly all the designs are drawings rather than photos. After all photos would be better as they show of the true glory of the design.

Here is the answer why, and there are multiple reason. One reason its nearly everything is fitted by someone else, builders working for the customer, or the customer themselves. SO i don’t always get a photo, in fact i usually forget to ask for one. Having said that i could take a picture of it up against the wall. Not as good but better than a drawing maybe. That’s partly forgetfulness on my part to take photos. To be fair once it is painted i usually try and handle it as little as possible so i don’t damage the paint work. A photo on the paint drying stand isn’t very appealing.

But here is the main reason, a photo is great it shows a live image of something that has been made. Trouble is what has been made is usually a custom design. Its been designed to fit the given size of the piece of wrought iron work. Chance are if a custom design it wont scale up or down, mean that if i change the design to fit the size its going to be very different. That’s kind of false advertising. Cad Drawings i have done are usually suitable for scaling up or down to a large degree, i try and design them that way. So in fact it gives a much more realistic representation of what it will look like. And one last reason is, you can design something you have never made before and offer it out as a possible design.

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