Getting in Early

So if your project hasn’t started yet but you are looking for a rough guide on costing, i would suggest getting in contact sooner rather than later.. For a few reasons, and this depends on what you need. One of the reasons is unless you have chosen one of the stock designs off the website, it can take time to get a design right. The longer we have the more times the design can be revised so that we can get it as perfect as possible. I do my own drawings and designs but at times i can have quite few to do., so you might not get an immediate response but its usually within a few days. and if there have been several revisions its easy for a week or two to have passed by.. One of the other reasons is because everything is made to order, it can take sometime 6 weeks or more to make. Simply because its going to be in a queue, but it does allow me to reserve some space for your job., almost like putting a place marker in the queue of work.

Patio railings

A good reason for getting in early here, if the patio hasn’t been built, then posts can be supplied to be built into the patio and the railings can follow afterwards. A good reason for doing this is otherwise they would need to be bolted to the surface of the patio, and this means you end up with a post with a square plate and 4 bolts going through it. looks better without if it can be avoided.. Less work as well due not requiring a plate welded to the post for fixing, so is always a saving there.

Juliet balconies

Only really an issue if it is a tile hung balcony, on these we provide a separate bracket to fix to the structural timer, then get the final measurements once the brackets are fitted.. This allows the builder to make good the tiles and weather seal the outside, and saves money because the tiles wont need to be removed a second time to fit the brackets. On brick fitting its not an issue but obviously if scaffolding is in place when the doors are fitted it makes sense to use the scaffolding to fit the balcony rather than pay for new scaffolding to fit the balcony. So an issue of saving money, which is often good motivation, at least for me it is.

Gates and wall railings

Usually no panic on gates, after all if its being fitted to new brick piers they will have to “set” properly before any gate can be hung on them.. Although sometimes built in fittings look nicer and these can be built into the wall as its being built, once built i can then make to the measurements.. Although depending on the design of the gate, if it is using certain parts that are mass produced Circles for example, these are only available in a limited size option. if scope allows to tweak the size of the opening, we can use premade parts, reducing the price.
occasionally with railings we can help plan it out, this can often mean that there are multiple panels of the same size. After all making one panel to a given size takes time, making a second or third is always quicker than the first one, so it becomes cheaper..

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