Side gate designs

The left gate

Simple design with dog bars, closer spaced bars at the bottom. Ideal to give security to a side entrance

Depending on material thickness but prices for 3 ft wide starts at £250

The right gate

As simple as they come, and cheap to produce. depending on size and material used price starts £150 upwards


Same as design above but because bar spacings work out at 120mm wide means the addition of bought in parts can be used 120mm wide circles. Of course this isnt always the case. Bought in circle are available in 100mm wide, 120mm, 130mm and 150mm. So swapping out the 120mm rings would increase gate size by 60mm to 975mm. Or in the case of 150mm would require a 180mm increase in width. Alternative would be to use 100mm circles to increase width by 112mm to 1027mm give or take 20mm or so that is adjustable either way on the hinges.

Circles will add about £20 to the above gate price for 3ft wide.

in short it doesn’t work for every size using pre made parts, sometime the circle have to be formed to suit but is much more expensive than mass produced ones


As above but just adding some detail to it, to vary the design

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