Side Gate Custom Designs

This is work in progress

There are so many companies on the internet out there selling gates, if you look close enough, many sites have the same pictures, the same names and the same designs. Which just means they are a reseller rather than a gate maker. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, it means their are a limited number of designs.. This makes it difficult if you want something that is different from all the rest. Limitation on designs makes it cheaper and easier to produce. But it doesn’t have to break the bank to have a gate that is different from every one else.

So this is a guide to get something that is individual that but still at a reasonable cost.. i decide the best method for this is video, as a 5 minute video can cover the same amount of info as several pages text, and who wants to read several pages of text.

This first video cover gate frame design, which really is the first step of any design.

This cracks open about 20 possible frame designs, without even getting into bar designs.. Bar designs opens up perhaps another 30 designs for each of the 20 frame styles and we are now into 600 plus possible designs, if you count a different choice of railing head as a new design and some companies do then we are into the 3 or 4 thousand mark..

Which if i was to draw them all and put on the website would take me a year to do

This video covers bar designs, more it covers the possibility for an individual upright in a gate. Its how those individual bars are put next to each other that form the pattern or design.

This last part is railing heads, its the same video that is dotted around in different places on the website, because after all a railing is the same for a gate or a railing

Hopefully this page has given you an insight into what is possible. if it has given you an idea then scribble it out on a bit of paper, take a photo of it email it to me and i can give a price. if you are happy with the price i can draw it out to scale, and mail it back to you, just to make sure it is what you really want.

I will try in the future to add a pricing scheme to allow people to get a basic idea of price for themselves, it can be a little over whelming to do as there are lots of parts to include, but ultimately its a case of taking the basic price and adding the “optional” extras., but that will be for another page.

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