Economic Designs

Decided its worth adding an economy range. With the current cost of living crisis, we all want the pennies to stretch a bit further. These will be very simple designs making them easier to make and thus much cheaper. They will sadly be available in set sizes only, but this speeds up production. It does mean i will have to speed time making jigs.. So hopefully its worth the time spent making them.. It also mean i need to make some compromises. Usually i like to over engineer things so they really are built to last a life time. But pointless trying to get close to mass produced prices, if its costing as much in material content as you are trying to sell it for. but in the same token i don’t want to go as low in material thickness as sold in some of the DIY stores and Garden centres.. But some compromises will need to be made.

Ideally looking at getting prices down to from about £90 for a garden gate, £160 ish for a tall side gate. £230 for driveway gates, and around £100 for a short 6ft long wall panel. but this is going to take some time and research to see if it is possible much will depend on the jigs that are made.

Will try and keep this page updated with the progress.

update 11/05/2023

First few designs are up with prices. These designs have been named after local towns, just to make it easier. Have made them available as unpainted or painted. Seems you can buy a small tin of hammerite for about a tenner and this should be enough to a single gate. So a saving can be had here if you don’t mind painting yourself and are on a tight budget but want something that is built to last. I suspect it will be about 6 designs, some designs will have an estate style gate as well. Currently no jigs made yet to speed up process, so just going to have to take a hit on the time it takes to make them. But maybe better to being earning less than minimum wage on the first few rather than spending time and money on making jigs until i know its viable.

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