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Are you really using the right search term to find your metal work?

I will try and keep it brief so you don’t get bored. But as a website owner i have access to a few google tools. These allow me to see what search terms people are attempting to use to find companies like me, Artistic Steel workers. Wrought iron workers, Blacksmiths, what ever you want to call us. Needless to say there are a lot of interesting terms used.

Wrought iron.

Wrought iron comes up a lot, Wrought iron driveway gates, Wrought iron wall railings. If you have looked over the website you might notice i use Wrought iron style Gates, Rather than wrought iron gates. There is a good reason for that, Wrought iron technically now doesn’t exist at least not in the commercial sense. (see wikipedia for better description on wrought iron). What is now used in you gate or railing is mild steel. This easy to weld and to a degree can be shaped cold. Cold shaping includes twisted bars, scrolls, and the arches that you find on gates, all cold formed. Most people associate the term Wrought iron to mean decorative, the word wrought means to work. But if we are being absolutely correct, I perhaps should describe it as wrought steel gates, but it does have quite the same wring to it as Iron.


Another term that comes up is metal gates, metal garden gates, metal wall railings etc. Metal refers to all sorts, Brass, Copper, Aluminium to name a few, and most certainly steel. But as a search term i guess it differentiates between Steel and wood. Do i really make metal gates or metal railings. Well not really, its mild steel, so i admit to stretching the truth a little to please the google search engine. Because if I don’t then I wont get found when someone uses that search term.

Juliet or Juliette balcony.

So we call those balconies that cover a door, but you cant walk out on them a Juliet balcony, after romeo and Juliet. In the search you some times see it as Juliette rather than Juliet. As i understand it Juliette is the French spelling. But the same can also be referred to as a balconette or balconet (spell checker doesn’t like this version), a false balcony. But don’t be surprised if you use it as a search term and get a mix of Bras and Balconies.. Whilst writing this i managed to educate myself, i never knew there was such a thing as a balconette bra.

more useless info to add as time allows.

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