Patio railing designs

Work in progress much more to add

Using a few pre fabricated parts its possible to come up with a lot of designs for patio railings. This is what can be done using 4 parts a small pair of C scrolls, a cage, a twisted bar and a 100mm circle.

AS the drawings show the upright bar has been split into an upper, middle and lower, if you include the plain bar into the design, it gives 25 different possible bar combinations. Then it just becomes a matter of how to assemble the bars into a design that you like.

If you take a 1500mm railing as an example you can start using the bars to throw a few designs together. One small problem is that different size railings will have a different number of bars in so could change any pattern

The most simple railing no frills just straight plain bars

Using a single twist in the centre of the panel, maybe looks a little lonely

With a couple of friends it starting to look more interesting
Add more twist so now every other bar is twisted
Now swapping out some single twisted bars for a top and bottom twist
Simplify it down a little, maybe it was to busy

Maybe a circle looks better as a centre piece
maybe circles just look better than twists
Maybe a twist in there might look good with the circles
maybe more twists with circles

Alternating circle and C scroll pattern

C scroll as the centre then twist and cage

This gives a few examples of the possibilities , there really is hundreds more if not thousands of possible designs, what is here hardly scratches the surface of what can be done. I am happy enough if you have an idea of what you want and where i can draw something up using the above parts and email it over. But please bear in mind different railing lengths have a different number of bars in as spacing should be no more than 100mm between the bars to comply with building regulations, and in some sizes you might not end up with an odd number of bars, meaning there is no centre bar to the railing like the examples above. but there usually is something that can be drawn up to accommodate you needs and taste/

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