Garden wall railing 1

A simple railing, with no frills but well constructed

Material specification
Frame from 30mm x 8mm
Uprights from 12mm round (round is more economical that square because it is lighter)

These are made to measure, use the form below to get a price. Please note it requires overall height, including the railing heads which are 130mm tall.

Notes on form: Adjusting the sliders to desired length and height of railing, will give a price, but there is the added option of bar spacings. This allows you to adjust the gap between each upright bar (this has a large contribution to price, wider gaps means less bars lower cost more bars higher cost due to increased work). we have found over the years its not a one size fits all. The form will take the gap you have given as a maximum, and do a little maths and work out, what size the gaps would be to get it all evenly spaced from wall to first bar and continue that gap to the end. For reference it gives a bar count, this is just the number of upright bars that would be in the railing. Again for reference purpose it also gives the weight of the railing.

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